Flannery Oaks Welcomes Residents Home with Complete Hotel-Style Renovation

dining room

August 2016 brought unprecedented flooding to Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas displacing thousands of people with its unpredictable, fast rising waters. On the night of August 13, those waters quickly rose and entered Flannery Oaks Guest House, prompting an effort from many different parties to safely remove and transport residents from Flannery Oaks.

Our incredible staff along with various first responder groups across the state helped transport the residents to safety while wading through water . The incredible fortitude and selflessness of our staff made all our efforts possible.

Seven months later, that same staff began welcoming our displaced residents back home. We will forever remember the night of August 13 and the events that followed. However, we also will always cherish our incredible staff and the sacrifices they made to protect our residents from harm and assist them to safety that night. The character our Flannery Oaks family exuded through this process was truly awe-inspiring and we are thankful for everyone who has helped us through these tough times.

Please visit our photo gallery to see the renovations.