Elderly man speaking to a nurse

“My wife Betty has been a resident at Flannery Oaks Guest House for 3 1/2 years. I visited her twice a day for 3 years; now I visit her once a day. I have only missed about 6 days, either sick or attending funerals. You see, I know Flannery Oaks Guest House gives the best care possible. They have a team of Nurses & Administrators second to none. I would recommend Flannery Oaks Guest House to anyone needing this service.”

Husband of Resident

“Flannery is a fun place to live. The staff is very helpful — they go above and beyond to make sure you have a smooth transition. There are lots of activities and outside programs. I just love it here!”


“I love the location – it’s away from the city, beautifully decorated and landscaped. The staff is great here. I also love the bands, resident council, and therapy.”


“After 16 years with Flannery Oaks, what I appreciate the most is that everyone here works together as a team and everyone cares about the residents.”